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Sunday, 28 June 2020

How To Setup Auto Wallpaper Changing System On Lockscreen In Android

If you want to give awesome look to your Android lock screen than follow this article and make your mobile cool.

Why To Add Automatic Changing Wallpaper?
Their are a lot of reasons behind it you can make your mobile smart by auto changing Wallpaper and it makes your mobile beautiful and it's free. Every one want their Mobile screen looks great like I want, even I also use this on my own Android phone.

On Which Mobiles This System Applies?
Their is bad news for old mobile versions like KitKat, jeally bean and lolipop but don't worry you can use mobile app for this. In new Mobiles it is normal feature like Samsung, oppo, Huawei, qmobile and many more.

How apply this system?
Let's see how to apply this system in your Android step by step.

1> make sure you have internet package or connected with WiFi

2> now, open settings in your mobile

3> click on home screen & lock screen magazine

4> now, click on lock screen magazine

5> simply now apply auto changing system their

6> now, download 10 auto changing wallpapers 

Hope you like this article if yes please share this with your friends. If you have questions related this article please ask me In comment section.

How to reset internet settings of all Networks in andriod

If your internet is not working, than follow my steps and rest internet settings. 

How To Set Internet Without Rest?
If you done your any package of internet and your internet is not working or any file you want to download and it is not downloading. Simple open airoplane mod and wait for 10 seconds and close it.

Rest Internet Settings
If your internet speed is slow and you are not satisfied with it than simply follow these steps to boost your internet speed. 

1 >  Open settings in your mobile.

2 >  Click On Dual SIM & Cellular Networks.

3  >  Now open select SIM and click on it.

4 >  Simple Click Access Point Name.

5 >  As you can see now the access points installed in your mobile.

6 >  Click On Three Dots and rest settings.

Once your access points rest, you can simply contact with SIM help line number and say to customer cares wroker to resend internet access points to your number. After receiving internet settings simply install and power off your device. After that simply open your mobile and enjoy the fast internet experience.

This settings work on all mobile phones. I hope you understand this article. If you have any questions than please let me about it. Share this articles with your friends.

How To Upload Files On Google Drive

File:Google Drive Ana.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Google drive is a gold mine to upload files for free without paying anything isn't cool you can upload all your photos videos and documents in drive.
What Is Google Drive?
Google Drive is data server provided by Google in all Android mobiles. It provide us 15 GB to upload all our goods in Google when you need them you can download again that fles from drive it is easy.

Benefits of Google drive?
Their are a lot of benefits to use the Google drive. Your data is safe and secure by Google. Google never leak a single picture from your account without your permission. All your data will private.

How To Create Google Drive Account?
Their is no need to create Google drive account it will automatically create when you create a Gmail ID. I hope you know that how to create a Gmail ID it is simple and every one have one personal id.

How To Upload Files On Drive?
Let's see how to upload files on Google drive step by step.

1> go-to play store and than simply install Google drive app

2> open app and select Google ID in which you want to upload files

3> now simply click on plus icon in left side

4> select your data which you want to upload on drive

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new from it. If you have any questions than ask me in comment section.

How Can I Buy A Product Through Daraz

If you want to buy a product on Daraz than read this article to know about how shop online through .

What is Daraz?
Daraz is a biggest online shopping company in pakistan and Bangladesh. You can buy almost every technical things like juicer machine, iron, mobile phones, accessories, bags and many more.

Why to chose Daraz?
Their is no doubt that Daraz is one of the best online and it is good for us. If you want better things than you need to chose Daraz. The company have much experience by their sellers and their products are also good.

Benefits of buying online goods from Daraz?
If you want to know the benefits of daraz. Than one of the best benefit is Daraz provide us Cash on delivery option. If you have receive wrong products than you can give back that to company. Even some times it gives us free delivery and you can use also use coupon code means disscount on products like 20% off and more it isn't good?

How Can I Buy Product Through Daraz?
Let's see the way to buy product through Daraz.

1> select product you want to buy

2> now chose colour size

3> select that product in add to cart

4> sign in with Gmail

5> now simply add your address

6> apply the order

If you have quarries related to this article let me know about it in comment section I will help you. Thanks for reading and please share this article with your friends.

How To Use Jazzworld To Get Free Mbs On Jazz SIM

If you are a user of jazz mobilink sim than this article is for you read and enjoy free Mbs.

What Is Jazzworld?
Jazzworld is a free app by jazz sim. This app is official and developed by company for better experience to their customers. 

Benefits Of Jazzworld?
Their are a lot of benefits of using jazzworld like you can see the price of all packages with details. You can also subscribe all packages through this app in disscount. The biggest benefit is you can use free Mbs daily. 

How to register on jazzworld?
Go-to play store and search in search bar jazzworld. Install jazzworld in your mobile and sign in with you Gmail id. If you have not created Gmail id than also you can use Facebook ID to sign in. Once you sign in with jazzworld you have been rewarded with 500 Mbs.

How To Get Free Mbs Daily?
Open jazzworld as I told you earlier once you installed the jazzworld first time you will rewarded with 500 Mbs. After 500 Mbs you can also get more free Mbs daily but their is a limit I told you below.

1st Day > 25 MB
2nd Day > 50 MB
3rd Day > 100 MB
4th Day > 120 MB
5th Day > 150 MB
6th Day > 175 MB
7th Day > 200 MB

this will repeat again and again.

Simply open app and click on reward and get Mbs by schedule given uper side. 

Hope you enjoyed this article tell me how much Mbs did you get today. Share this with your friends and enjoy free Mbs.

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