How To Do Keyword Research For Free 2020

Keyword research is main factor of SEO and this brought you millions of traffic and visitors that increase your revenue.

What is keyword research?
Keyword research is a best process to get traffic. A keyword is targeted article or product, suppose if you are writing an article on seo than keyword is important before start writing. Keywords have many things like LSI Keywords.

What are LSI Keywords?
LSI Keywords are those who are related to the your main keyword. For example you are writing an article on what is SEO than benefits of SEO, SEO Tips and what is an SEO are LSI Keywords.

How to find LSI Keywords?
You can find LSI keywords by many ways in this process you can use many tools like neilpatel and AdWords but i am going to tell you the googles way to find LSI keywords.
1. Open
2. Search your main keyword
3. Scroll down
4. You can see in the bottom the suggested keywords
5. Copy that keywords because they are LSI Keywords.

Benefits of keyword research?
Their are a lot of benefits for keyword research I'm going to tell you some them below

1. You can find high volume keyword
2. Also you can chose keyword difficulty
3. Find LSI Keywords to rank better
4. Check the CPC Of keyword that you want to rank
5. Copy keyword and start getting traffic.
Don't know the best free keyword research tools no problem. I will tell you below.

1. NeilPatel
Neilpatel is open source to find keywords that suits your website and bring millions of traffic. You can track CPC, Volume, Difficulty, Chase Competitor and more. Just sign in with Google and start finding awesome keywords and rank your website through this keyword research.

2. Google Keyword Planner
Are you finding keywords than the Google keyword Planner is gold mine for keyword research. Let's see how to find keywords in Google keyword planner step by step.
1> open
2> click on keyword planner
3> enter keyword and select country
4> Bom! The giant list of keywords with difficulty is now with you.

Hope you apply these tricks to do keyword research. If you are facing any problem please comment below and share this with your friends.

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