How To Get Free Domain 2020

There are a lot of people they want a free domain name. So, I will tell you the process through which you can get free domain.

Why free domain not paid?
I know the conditions of new bloggers they have no money, many of them are students and in the begging students have no money so that's why the free domain name is perfect for new users.

Benefits of free domain.
Free domain have many benefits I will tell you some of them now.
1. The free domain gives us opportunity to short our blog address.
2. The free domain is free no need pay even a single penny.
3. Free domain is easy to find. It is free for one year without any Tex.
4. You buy unlimited free domains from this site.

Disadvantages of free domain!
In every thing are two sides advantage and disadvantage the disadvantage of this free domain I will tell you here and now.
1. Free domain have not like big domains like .com .in .net
2. The free domain down your site reputation
3. Free domain is hard to rank in Google
4. You can use this free domain in blogger only

Where to buy free domain?
Their are a lot of sites that are providing free domains one the which is best and recommend is freenome the list is below
You can buy free domains from these there are some advantages and disadvantages of free domain I told you earlier.

How Can I Get A Free Domain?
I will tell you the process of how to get free domain step by step
1> Open any given upon like I open freenom
2> Search domain which you want
3> Simply click on add to cart
4> Open Add To Cart and click on buy
5> Now simply just create a account or sign in with Gmail id on freenom
6> Now select the fake address
7> Select 12 Months Age which is free
8> That's All

Guys if you have been buyed a domain or want to buy a domain and facing any problem please contact me. I will solve your problem and also share this article with your friends.

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