How To Upload Files On Google Drive

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Google drive is a gold mine to upload files for free without paying anything isn't cool you can upload all your photos videos and documents in drive.
What Is Google Drive?
Google Drive is data server provided by Google in all Android mobiles. It provide us 15 GB to upload all our goods in Google when you need them you can download again that fles from drive it is easy.

Benefits of Google drive?
Their are a lot of benefits to use the Google drive. Your data is safe and secure by Google. Google never leak a single picture from your account without your permission. All your data will private.

How To Create Google Drive Account?
Their is no need to create Google drive account it will automatically create when you create a Gmail ID. I hope you know that how to create a Gmail ID it is simple and every one have one personal id.

How To Upload Files On Drive?
Let's see how to upload files on Google drive step by step.

1> go-to play store and than simply install Google drive app

2> open app and select Google ID in which you want to upload files

3> now simply click on plus icon in left side

4> select your data which you want to upload on drive

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new from it. If you have any questions than ask me in comment section.

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