How To Use Jazzworld To Get Free Mbs On Jazz SIM

If you are a user of jazz mobilink sim than this article is for you read and enjoy free Mbs.

What Is Jazzworld?
Jazzworld is a free app by jazz sim. This app is official and developed by company for better experience to their customers. 

Benefits Of Jazzworld?
Their are a lot of benefits of using jazzworld like you can see the price of all packages with details. You can also subscribe all packages through this app in disscount. The biggest benefit is you can use free Mbs daily. 

How to register on jazzworld?
Go-to play store and search in search bar jazzworld. Install jazzworld in your mobile and sign in with you Gmail id. If you have not created Gmail id than also you can use Facebook ID to sign in. Once you sign in with jazzworld you have been rewarded with 500 Mbs.

How To Get Free Mbs Daily?
Open jazzworld as I told you earlier once you installed the jazzworld first time you will rewarded with 500 Mbs. After 500 Mbs you can also get more free Mbs daily but their is a limit I told you below.

1st Day > 25 MB
2nd Day > 50 MB
3rd Day > 100 MB
4th Day > 120 MB
5th Day > 150 MB
6th Day > 175 MB
7th Day > 200 MB

this will repeat again and again.

Simply open app and click on reward and get Mbs by schedule given uper side. 

Hope you enjoyed this article tell me how much Mbs did you get today. Share this with your friends and enjoy free Mbs.
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