How To Write SEO Friendly Article On Blogger 2020

Are finding article which explain that how to write SEO Friendly Article than here I am with cool tips.

What is SEO Friendly Article?
SEO Friendly means you are writing an article which is optimized for search engine through this Google or other engines easily understand your content and rank you high fast. This process is called SEO friendly article. I will tell you the process step by step how SEO friendly article written.

1.Keyword Research
Keyword research is first thing you need before you do any other thing off-page or on-page. First thing is to find keywords you can find keywords through neilpatel and Google keywords planner. Select low difficulty keywords through this you can get more traffic to your blog.

2. Make your url SEO friendly
How you can make your url SEO friendly I will tell you the process. Suppose your article tittle is list of 30+ do-follow links instant approval and main keyword from the tittle is 30+ do-follow links than your url will be like this ( this url is SEO friendly.

3. keyword density
Keyword density is an major factor of ranking high in the Google and make your article SEO friendly. Keyword density means your keyword repeat in the article is limited and not spammy. If your articles word length is 800 words than your keyword density will be 8% means that your keywords repeat 8 times in whole article.

4. Meta Description
In blogging Meta data is important you need to use meta data in every single article. Meta Description shows Google that you article is about that thing. Meta Description will be 1500 characters long and type some attractive words, if people see your meta data than click your article fast.

5. Do proper off-page SEO
Off-page SEO is main factor to rank in the top in the off-page SEO you need to build quality backlinks to your main article which article you want to rank. You can create do-follow and no-follow backlinks to rank in the top.

If you have any confusion related to this article than please let me know about it.
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