Add website to search console 2020

Add website to search console 2020 .

 Hello Friends, Welcome to our website. We will tell you how you can connect your website to Soogle Search Console or Google Webmaster. If you do not have enough income, friends, you may want to connect your website to the Google Search Console to follow our tutorial step by step.

What's the downside of Google Satellite Console?

The Google Search Console crawls your website and ranks your website in the Google search engine, meaning you have written a post targeting a particular keyword and added your website to the Search Console to simply Google your Boo Keyword. The Google Search Console tab will show your website if the keyword on the site is the same as the Google Search Console.

Connect Website to Google Search Console Step by Step: - 

Step 1: First search Google for "Search Console" and then click "Search Console - Home - Google". 

Step 2: Sign in with your Email Id and Password in the Search Console.

 Step 3: Now you will see "ADD A PROPERTY" at the top of your screen.

 Step 4: Now you have the option "Website" or "Android Application" then you select "Website" and submit your website URL and click on "Add" button. 

Step 5: Here you will find 2 Methods 1) "Recommend Method" and 2) "Alternate Method" Friends "Alternate Method"

 Step 6: Now you will see 4 Methods 1) "HTML tag" 2) "Domainname provider" 3) "Google Analytics" and 4) "Google Tag Manager" You select "HTML tag".
Step 7: Now you will be given an HTML Code. 

Step 8: Come to Us Bat Search Console and click on "Verify" button. If you have pasted that HTML Code in the correct place then verify it or if you have pasted it in the wrong place then Verification Failed. That's why your website is now connected to Google Webmaster.

 To Create Your Sitemap Now Follow the Niche Steps to Create a Sitemap. 

Step 1: First, go to the Google Search Console dashboard.

 Step 2: Now click on “Crawl” option and click on “Sitemaps”.

 Step 3: Now you will see "ADD / TEST SITEMAP" in the top-right side of the screen. 

Step 4: Now you will see the URL of your website and you will see a box in the box that says "sitemap.xml" and click on "Submit".

Finally create a Sitemap for your website. Now you have to write this post and you will get more traffic and more traffic. How To Connect Your Website With Google Search Collection And Sitemap In This Tutorial, I hope you like this tutorial, if you like it, share it with your friends, if you have any questions, please comment. Jorur Reply Dene Ki Kosish Korunga. Thanks For Read This Tutorial.
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