How to ustomize AdSense add in website 2020

How to ustomize AdSense add in website 2020. 

 Hi friends welcome to our website . Today we will tell you that how can you add share button on your website on blogspot .

Friends for the social sheare like facebook twittet whatsapp etc connecting easily share your posts on social media
In this tutorial, we will show you how you can earn a lot of money from Flipkart. Dosto Flipkart is a very big e-commerce company in India. Flipkart is a program called Flipkart affiliate marketing program where you can earn a lot of money by referring Flipkart products (Ex-Electronics, Books, Clothes, etc.) to your family, friends, and others. If you want to earn more then follow our tutorial.
 What is Flipkart Affiliate Program? The Flipkart Affiliate Program is a platform where you can earn commissions by referring Flipkart's Banner / Link Lagake Users to your website. Here you can get up to 15% Commissions. How to Create Flipkart Affiliate Account?
 You do not have to be a seller to earn money from Flipkart, you just need a Flipkart affiliate account. Follow these steps to create an affiliate account. First of all - click on link then click on "Register". This account is for commissions only, not for purchasing Flipkart products. There is a different account for buying Flipkart products. Here you can create affiliate links or check commissions.
Required Details such as Email Address, Password, and Terms and Conditions, then click on "Register". When you register, you will be asked to fill in Contact Details such as - Mobile Number, Address, Payment information, Website, App Accha.
 You need to have a website. Here are 2 types of Payments Information 1st - EFT and 2nd - Gift card, EFT Mode - EFT Mode Choose Payment will be credited directly to your bank account automatically pure 2500 net. Gift Card - You can choose a Gift Card in the Payment Option. You can select one or the other.
 In EFT Mode, minimum ₹ 2500 will be transferred to the bank automatically or in Gift Card, minimum bat 250 will be transferred. Click on the "Save Changes" button given below to fill-up with everything. All you have to do is set up your Flipkart affiliate account to earn money. How to Generate Affiliate Link For Product?
 The process of earning money is not over yet. The app can be used to create an affiliate account or refer it to friends, but you will get paid when someone buys a product from your affiliate link and you have to create an affiliate link. Follow these steps to create a link. First of all - click on the link and sign in with your account. When the page opens, you will see a similar toolbar or box
 Then in the New Tab - link on the link to copy the URL of the product you want to refer. Now paste the URL link you pasted into the Affiliate Account toolbar and click on the "Generate" button. When the Affiliate Link is generated, click "Select" to copy it. Now you can refer to this URL link wherever you want or earn a lot of money if anyone can buy through the given link. Check your affiliate link carefully. The affiliate link will have "affid = your affiliate id" in the last one. If not, then generate the affiliate link again.
 Here is a sample of the last affiliate id link - All you have to do is have an affiliate account and you can earn a lot by referring. NOTE: - Create your affiliate link to refer to all products to buy. How To Promote Affiliate Products (How To Promote Affiliate Products)? To promote Flipkart's Affiliate System Product, Flipkart has given you the option of Banner and Widgets which you can use to promote your website by displaying the banner and widget. You can promote the link by sharing it on social media.
Final Word: If you want to create your own Flipkart affiliate account, follow this tutorial. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. I hope you like our tutorial, if you like it, share it with your friends.
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