Hi guys today we had brought before you a method of earning money on Computer Or an Android Phone . So lets start our ONLINE EARNING METHODS. if you understand then give us appreciate and likes comments and also share your favourite ONLINE EARNING METHODS .

There are alot of ONLINE EARNING METHODS ,so i tell you some .

In this method you have to need alot of materials like doamin traffic posts approval 

i) What is domain ? 
It is a type of website that you can buy from google it is necessary to buy a domain and change your site in .com supose in starting you works on blogger after making accont on blogger then you start writing the posts on those posts on which you are talanted after wriiting the posts you leave some time to your site as it become an old site after spending some time then you apply and wait for approval you did not know that by this method you will never get approval . First you to buy this domain and change your in to .com then you apply if your work is good then you will get approval .

ii) What is TRAFFIC ? 
it is a type of public that comes on your site .first of all before wriiting the articles you will find that how much traffic comes daily on this article then you will write . If your daily traffic is more then you will easily earn a lot of money by GOOGLE ADSCEN .

iii) Word Press Hosting 
It is so important that you must have to buy a hosting in my opinion if you want to take approval on blogger so it is very difficult you have to buy a hosting and add your site in that hosting after you will get approval 

iv) Decent Look 
Tou have to make your site very lovely and give a decent look to your site for decent look cream blogger them is very good you should customize your site on cream blogger 


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